Software Tools

Brain infarct segmentation tutorial

Provided here is a practical tutorial for an open-access, standardized image processing pipeline for the purpose of lesion-symptom mapping. A step-by-step walkthrough is provided for each processing step, from manual infarct segmentation on CT/MRI to subsequent registration to standard space, along with practical recommendations and illustrations with exemplary cases.

The article and accompanying video can be found on the JoVE website:

RegLSM: image registration tool

The image Registration tool for Lesion Symptom Mapping. This tool is jointly developed by the University Medical Center Utrecht and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


A user-interface for image registration, provided for the purpose of lesion symptom mapping. The software processed various kinds of medical images, including CT and MRI (T1, T2, PD, DWI, FLAIR). Lesions are registered to a standard space, optionally including an intermediate template.

This tool is jointly developed by: