#1 Impact of strategic WMH locations on cognition

Project title: Strategic white matter hyperintensity locations for cognitive impairment: a multicenter lesion-symptom mapping study in 3525 memory clinic patients.

Chair: Dr. J.M. Biesbroek, J.M.Biesbroek@umcutrecht.nl
Coordinator: M. Coenen, M.Coenen@umcutrecht.nl
Leading centre: UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Project initiation year: 2019
Participating cohorts: ADNI-1/2/3/GO, ACE, Alzheimer UC Davis, Brain IMPACT, FAVR, Harmonization, PRODEM, RISE-2, UMCC, TRACE-VCI, VASCAMY, YOAD
Project status: paper submitted


  1. To identify strategic white matter regions where WMH are associated with cognitive
    impairment in memory clinic patients


Coenen, M. & Biesbroek, J.M., on behalf of the Meta VCI Map Consortium, Oral presentation VasCog 2021